Deliberate Solving:

Guiding a Team of Marketers to Crack a Massive Brand Challenge

The Challenge

A commercial team in the Middle East was struggling to build understanding and awareness of vaccinations to reduce the burden of a respiratory disease.

The Approach

We designed a multi-day design workshop that introduced deep patient insights and the use of powerful analogies. The team leveraged the insight that mass gatherings were local drivers of publicity and local awareness.

The Outcome

The team co-created a novel PR campaign around the Hajj, the annual religious pilgrimage for millions of Muslims, and partnered with vaccination call centers, mobile clinics, and travel agencies.

The Results

The novel public relations strategy generated hundreds of mentions in various Middle Eastern media outlets and increased vaccination awareness and treatment rates.

The ongoing project unlocked access to government subsidized support for vaccination in several Middle Eastern markets. Public health improved and commercial value significantly increased in the region.

Dan Seewald

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