Deliberate Inspiration

Inspiring and Training Over 250 Public Affairs Leaders

The Challenge

The Executive Vice President of corporate affairs wanted to inspire and train a group of 250 global PR colleagues at a global summit.

The Approach

Delivered a keynote talk on the power of individual creativity and experimentation. Then added a 2-part, 90 minute master class that focused on a department challenge. 

Part 1 emphasized finding an inspiring challenge. Part 2 focused on lateral thinking for fresh ideas.

The Outcome

Over 50 groups generated hundreds of ideas. More than a dozen ideas were short-listed and brought back to an internal committee which we coached to help bring to a 2nd round.

The Results

Over 1 year, two of the concepts that were generated at this global forum were developed by short-duration teams and became part of the public relations group's 2018 operating plan.

Dan Seewald

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